ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP): The government has released over Rs 164.549
billion for different social sector developmental projects under Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2015-16 as against the total allocation of Rs 700 billion.
According to latest data released by the Planning Commission of
Pakistan, government has released Rs 14.645 billion for Higher Education
Commission as compared to the total allocation of Rs 31.100 billion for the year 2015-16.
Under development programme, Rs 14.117 billion has released for
infrastructure development projects under National highway Authority (NHA) as compared to the total allocation of Rs. 159 billion for FY 2015-16.
So far, the government has released Rs 5.917 billion for different projects of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission as against the total allocation of Rs 30.408 billion for fiscal year 2015-16.
Meanwhile, a sum of Rs 7.810 billion has released for uplift and
improvement of the services of Railways Division as government had earmarked Rs 41 billion for the development of Pakistan Railways.
Under PSDP 2015-16, a sum of Rs 4.268 billion has released for
different projects of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination
Division as against Rs 20.701 billion earmarked for current fiscal year.
The government has released Rs. 284.212 million for National Food
Security and Research Division, Rs 205 million for Science and Technical research Division and Rs 3.703 billion for Water and Power Division (water sector) projects respectively.
Meanwhile, a sum of Rs.23.485 billion has released for Water and Power
Development Authority (WAPDA) power sector as against the total allocation of Rs 112.288 billion for current fiscal year to overcome the shortage of energy in the country.
Under PSDP, 2015-16 an amount of Rs 2.200 billion has released for
Azad Jammu and Kashmir block and other projects as against the total allocation of Rs 13.300 billion for current fiscal year.
Rs 3.745 billion has released for the development of Federally
Administrative Tribal Areas (FATA) and SAFRON where as government has allocated Rs 19.700 billion for fiscal year 2015-16 for uplift of these areas.
The government has also released Rs 2 billion for Pakistan Millennium
Development Goals and community development programmes aiming at to achieve
proper human development index by improving the standards of life in the country.
According to the details, government has so far released Rs 42.517
billion for the developmental projects under different federal ministries and Rs 37.603 billion for corporations.
The government has released Rs 52.600 billion for Temporary Displaced
Persons (TDPs) and security enhancement under current year’s development
programme for the rehabilitations of TDPs.
The Planning Commission of Pakistan was following a proper mechanism
to release funds as per following quarterly ceilings: first quarter
(July-September) 20 percent, second quarter (October-December) 20 percent, third quarter (January-March) 30 percent and fourth quarter (April-June) 30 percent.