KTH chairman greets PM

Meher Kashif
LAHORE, Mar 03 (APP):Kyrgyzstan Trade House in Pakistan (KTH) Chairman Meher Kashif Younis here Sunday greeted Shehbaz Sharif on becoming Prime Minister for the second timed.
He hoped that under his dynamic leadership, Pakistan would emerge as one of the leading economies in the world.
Meher said the character of economy is the need of the hour that requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach from the top leadership of the incumbent government. By evolving a consensus among all stakeholders and prioritizing national interests, the government can set the stage for meaningful reforms that will strengthen the national economy and improve the living standards of people, he added.
Pakistan faced a number of economic challenges, ranging from high inflation and unemployment to a growing debt burden and dwindling foreign reserves, and to address these challenges, a concerted effort involving all key players is imperative, he suggested.
He added that the government must take proactive steps to engage with all relevant stakeholders including opposition parties, business leaders and international partners. Building consensus among these diverse groups would be essential for garnering support for necessary economic reforms and ensuring their effective implementation. This may involve measures to improve fiscal discipline, enhance tax collection, streamline regulations, attract foreign investment and promote job creation, he added.
Meher Kashif Younis said the government must listen to the concerns and perspectives of all stakeholders and incorporate their feedback into the policymaking process. By promoting an environment of inclusivity and transparency, the government can build trust and confidence among the public and key decision-makers, he concluded.
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