ICT, Telecom services increase by 38% in 7 months: Razak

ISLAMABAD, Feb 25 (APP):Adviser to the Prime Minister for Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood on Thursday said that the export of Information and communications technology(ICT) and Telecom services increased by 38 percent during the seven months of current year (2020-21) compared to last year.

In a tweet, he said that the country exported these services worth $1,119 million during July-January (2020-21) as against the export of $811 million during (2019-20).

On year on year basis, these exports also rose by 26 percent, from $128 million during January 2020 to $161 million during January 2021.

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These exports now constitute a third of total exports of services and the government would cross USD2 billion this year, he added.

“We are glad to share that for Jul-Jan 2021 (7 months), exports of ICT & Telecom Services grew by 38% to USD 1,119 million as compared to USD 811 million in July-Jan 2020. In Jan 2021, these exports grew by 26% to USD 161 million as compared to USD 128 million during Jan 2020.

These exports now constitute a third of our total export of services, and therefore are of strategic importance to us. Insha’Allah, we would cross the USD 2 billion this year”, he tweeted.

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