ICT admin pays tribute to farmers with its 'Salam Kissan' campaign

ISLAMABAD, Dec 18 (APP): The Agriculture department, Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Friday launched a campaign ‘Salam Kissan’ to pay tribute to the farmers who remained a driving force behind the country’s economy and development.

The drive was launched in connection with Pakistan Farmers Day being observed across the country on December 18th (today).

The capital city decorated with panaflax banners, streamers and billboards to sensitise the masses about the vital role, the farmers play in national food security, Director Agriculture,ICT Waqar Anwar told media here.

Taking to APP, he said agriculture is the mainstay of Pakistan’s economy as it counts for 24 percent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

However, the untiring individuals, who are behind this phenomenon are often not given enough appreciation or the respect that they truly deserve.

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These individuals are none other than farmers, who relentlessly work round the clock to ensure we have food on our tables and an unending wardrobe to flaunt, he said.

In order to recognise their hard work and dedication, the Islamabad administration has launched the campaign to pay gratitude to one of the most hardworking forces of our country: the farmers.

“It was the second time the entire country was commemorating the day as the first Farmers Day was celebrated on the same date, last year and was recognised by Prime Minister Imran Khan and the cabinet as a major contribution to farmers’ causes in Pakistan, ” he said.

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Highlighting the initiatives of present government for the welfare of farmers, he said they have been incentivitised through subsidies on account of crop inputs and support prices of crops.

The Prime Minister has also started various schemes for promoting poultry and livestock in the country.

Anwar said a vast number of farmers who have benefited from schemes clearly demonstrates that people have showed confidence in PM’s schemes and availability of eggs, chicken and meat has also improved tremendously in the country.

Under the vision of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of National Food Security has launched a number of umbrella projects which will go a long way in improving water courses, enhancing command area in Barani areas in Islamabad, the director observed.