ISLAMABAD, Jan 17 (APP):The Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs Divisions have resolved around 42,444 complaints or 94.7 percent of the total grievances received through Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP) regarding the matters concerning these divisions
As many as 44,554 complaints were received by these divisions through Pakistan Citizen’s Portal (PCP), official data revealed, showing that only 5.2 percent complaints were unresolved and those too were in the process of resolution.

According to the break up figures, as many as 3428 complaints were received by the Finance Division through the portal, out of which 3377 were forwarded to subordinate departments and organizations for initiating necessary action.

The record showed that around 96 percent or 3284 complaints of Finance Division were resolved whereas 144 or 4 percent were in progress.

Meanwhile, the sub-ordinate departments and organization of the Finance Division received 23,889 complaints through the portal, out of which 98 percent i.e. 23,889 were resolved whereas 512 (2%) are in process of resolution.

Likewise, the Economic Affairs Division received 43 complaints, out of which 42(98%) were resolve while just one (2%) complaint was in progress

Similarly, the Revenue Division and Federal Board of Revenue received 17,194 complaints, out of which 15,519 were resolved with 1675 (10%) still in the process of resolution.

It is pertinent to mention here that following the directions of Prime Minister Pakistan, the PCP was set up to establish a robust link between people and the government.