CPHGC receives NEPRA’s CSR Stalwart Award

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CPHGC receives NEPRA's CSR Stalwart Award

ISLAMABAD, Jan 20 (APP):The China Power Hub Generation Company (Pvt) Ltd (CPHGC) on Thursday received NEPRA’s CSR Stalwart Award for supporting its CSR drive ‘Power with Prosperity’.
National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) Chairman Tauseef H Farooqi presented the plaque of appreciation to CPHGC Chief Executive Officer Ren Lihui here at the NEPRA CSR Awards 2022 ceremony, a press release said.

The CPHGC CEO Ren thanked the NEPRA chairman for recognizing the company’s efforts for the work it had done in helping to improve the living standards of communities.
He reiterated the company’s commitment to continue to work with the government authorities for the welfare of local communities.

“CSR and environment protection are both important to CPHGC. We came up with our community projects as per our assessment of what is required in that area based on our interactions with the local people and Authorities”, he said.

NEPRA Chairman Tauseef lauded the efforts of NEPRA licensees for their outstanding contribution on the CSR front. “I am so happy to witness fantastic projects on CSR front by our licensees which is no less than a silent revolution for the development of local communities,” he added.

The CPHGC started working on CSR initiatives in 2016. This is level of commitment the Company has towards CSR. The company had spent more than Rs 160 million on various sustainable CSR initiatives. These included the Floating Fishermen-Jetty at Allana Goth; the CPHGC-TCF School at Gaddani; the solar powered water pumps in Chaghi; providing relief supplies to the local government in the fight against Covid-19; the Clean Hub City programme, and training of local students and provided them with employment at the plant.