China-Pakistan Double Hundred Enterprises Project showcases plaque distribution


BEIJING, Sept. 6 (APP ): In a remarkable display of partnership and economic cooperation, the China-Pakistan Double Hundred Enterprises Cooperation project took center stage at the China-Pakistan Technology and Innovation Conference held at the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS).

Plaques were distributed to commemorate the milestone achievements of this initiative. The event, held in Beijing, highlighted the commitment of both nations to enhance economic connectivity and foster development.

Khan Muhammad, Science Counselor at Pakistan’s Embassy in Beijing told China Economic Net that the Double Hundred Enterprises Cooperation project is a significant bilateral undertaking between China and Pakistan, aimed at promoting economic growth, trade, and investment. The project focuses on fostering collaboration between two hundred startup enterprises from each country across various IT sectors, including IoT, clouding technology, and others.

He further said that the China-Pakistan cooperation project was prominently featured, with a special ceremony dedicated to the distribution of plaques that recognized the outstanding contributions made by these enterprises. This gesture not only celebrated the achievements of the project but also underscored the strong and enduring friendship between the two nations.

“This massive infrastructure project under CPEC has significantly improved connectivity between the two nations and is expected to stimulate trade and investment along its route”, he added.

Khan said that 100 Pakistani startup IT enterprises would set up offices here and 100 Chinese enterprises would set up offices in Pakistan.

Hamza Saeed, Director of Special Technology Zones Authority (STZA), Pakistan, said that this project would help knowledge exchange and facilitate technology transfer to enable the development of Special Technology Zones across Pakistan. This collaboration will also help create an enabling environment where innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs from both countries can work hand in hand and reap maximum dividends.

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