Ahsan Iqbal for empowering local governments to achieve SDGs

Ahsan Iqbal for empowering local governments to achieve SDGs

ISLAMABAD, Jun 14 (APP): Minister for Planning and Development and Special Initiatives Prof. Ahsan Iqbal on Wednesday reaffirmed the government’s commitment to allocating substantial funds for infrastructure development, education, environmental conservation, social development, and other key areas.

Addressing the ‘National Conference on Empowered Local Governments–Moving Forward to Accelerate the Implementation of SDGs Agenda2030′, the minister highlighted the government’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and emphasized the need for a comprehensive roadmap for addressing the country’s development needs while maximizing the value of limited public resources.

The conference provided a platform for discussions and deliberations on strengthening local governance and advancing sustainable development. The event brought together government representatives, civil society organizations and international partners to work collectively towards achieving the SDGs.

Speaking on the occasion, the minister stressed the importance of collaboration, partnership and coordination with all stakeholders, particularly at the local level, to effectively work towards SDGs’ implementation and realization.

He acknowledged the significant role of local governments in achieving sustainable development and called for empowering them through decentralization. He emphasized that local governments should be given the necessary functions and powers to address public problems, promote democracy and ensure effective governance.

The minister urged all stakeholders to advocate for empowering local governments to strengthen the democratic system in the country to achieve social prosperity and sustainable economic development.

He also highlighted the economic challenges faced by the country, expressing the government’s determination to overcome them. He underscored the need for structural reforms, both in the economy and society, and called for changes in lifestyle and priorities to ensure a prosperous future.

The minister reiterated the government’s determination to lead the country toward economic stability and a brighter future, emphasizing that the vision presented was not mere rhetoric but a call for action.

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