Bugti denies presence of TTP, Daesh in Balochistan

ISLAMABAD Aug 8 (APP): Balochistan Home Minister Sarfraz Bugti on Monday denied presence of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan and Daesh in Balochistan and said Indian and Afghan Intelligence agencies execute terrorist attacks through local dissidents.
“There is no physical presence of TTP in Balochistan, there is no Daesh. Terrorist attacks in Balochistan are executed by Indian Intelligence Agency Raw and Afghan Intelligence Agency NDS use TTP and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi,” he said in a private news channel program.
Bugti explained there are handlers of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi in Afghanistan who hire the perpetrators and execute their actions through TTP. “TTP provides them suicide bombers. It can be their facilitator or sympathizer to execute terrorist attacks.”
But, he reiterated that there is zero tolerance against such incidents and terrorists as he quoted three recent terrorist attacks including firing on Police protecting Polio workers, Khalid Aviation Base and FC Convoy and said, there are proofs of linkages of these attackers within Afghanistan.
“They were handled by RAW and NDS from Afghanistan. TTP and RAW and RAW and NDS nexus is hidden to no one. The organization that accepted responsibility for Monday’s attack in Quetta is also an offshoot of TTP and has linkages with RAW. RAW has been and is also responsible for the present attack,” he claimed.
Answering a question, he said, the Balochistan government never claimed that terrorists’ network was completely dismantled from the province. “There are people within us who are used by these handlers for terrorist attacks. There are RAW funded lashkars (armed groups).”
He said the provincial government and law enforcing agencies are not helpless and they have foiled numerous bids of terrorists in the past saving the province from destruction and “we shall continue this struggle undeterred.”
He said by targeting innocent people, the terrorists desire to create panic but we shall not be intimidated from their acts. “Whole the nation and civil and military leadership stand united against terrorism and the criminals should know well that we shall retaliate with full might.”