Rs 540 mln allocated for National Haritage & Culture Division under PSDP

ISLAMABAD, Jun 9 (APP):The federal government on Friday allocated Rs 540 million to National Heritage & Culture Division under Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) for eight ongoing and one new scheme.

According to the budgetary details, Rs 18.518 million earmarked for the Conservation Preservation of Allama Iqbal’s Residence Situated at 116- Mecleod Road Lahore.

Rs15 million proposed to set aside for Establishment of Research & Development (R&D) Centre at Development of Archaeology and Museum to promote soft image of Pakistan through Cultural Heritage.

In addition, Rs five million has been allocated for Master Plan for Conservation, Preservation and Development of Shah Allah Dita Caves in ICT.

An amount, Rs 10 million has been earmarked to Master Plan for Conversation, Restoration and Development of Mai Qamro and Muqarab Khan Tomb in ICT.

Rs 9.900 million allocated for the project of PC -II for Conversation, Preservation, Restoration and Development of Pharwala for DOAM, Islamabad.

Similarly, Rs 94.500 million allocated for Building Up-gradation of National Library of Pakistan, Islamabad, Rs Rs 16.755 million for Establishment of National Processing Laboratory (NLPD) and Rs 20.327 million for Master Plan for Preservation, Restoration, Presentation and Development of Rewat Fort.

The federal government also announced Rs 350 million for a new project titled Construction of Faiz Ahmad Faiz Complex.

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