Highlights of KP Budget 2022-23

Highlights of KP Budget 2022-23
PESHAWAR: June 13 - A view of KPK budget session 2022-23 in KP Assembly. APP

PESHAWAR, Jun 13 (APP):: The major highlights of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa budget 2022-23 announced by the Finance Minister, Taimur Salim Jhagra here Monday is below;
1.KP budget 2022-23 is balanced with total outlay of Rs 1332 billion
2.Current budget is Rs 913.8 billion
3.Development budget is Rs 418.2 billion
4.Total receipts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is Rs 1332 billion
5.Rs 570.9 billion would be collected from federal taxes
6.Rs 68.6 billion from federal divisible pool under one percent share of war on terror
7.Rs 208.7 billion grant for merged districts
8.15 percent increase in salaries of government employees
9.Risk allowance for police constables from grade 7 to 16
10.Rs 275.7 billion for provincial development program including AIP
11.Rs 8.3 billion for PSDP shares
12.Rs 205,725 million for health
13.Rs 227,087 million for elementary and secondary education
14.Rs 101,572 million for home department
15.Rs 29,458 million for agriculture
16.Rs 22,017 million for sports and culture
17.Regularization of 63,000 contract employees including 58,000 teachers announced
18. 20 percent discount for re-registration of motor-vehicles, first registration
19.No tax on land, exempted from CVT and registration fees
20.No fees for students of elementary and secondary education were among
21.No tax on libraries archives or hostels.
22.PFM law announced for bringing more financial transparency
23.Rs 26 billion relief for one million families under Insaaf Food Card
24.Rs 25 billion for Sehat Card Plus
25.Five more critical diseases to be included in Seht Card with an allocation of Rs 2.5 billion
26.Rs 53.6 billion for medical and allied hospitals and MTIs, four new medical colleges to be established
27.Rs 15.5 million for tourism promotion
28.Construction of a model hospital in Peshawar
29.Construction of Swat Motorway Phase-II
30.Starting practical work on Dir Motorway, D.I Khan Motorway
31.Establishment of KP Economic Corridor
32.Rs one billion for interest-free loans to youth, Rs 12 billion for SMEs
33.Rs 16.4 billion for village and neighborhood councils
34.Rs 180 million for rehabilitation of drug addicts
35.Rs 3 billion for science and technology
36.Approval of new Peshawar valley city
37.Establishment of Mobile Highway Motorway Rescue Services
38.Inclusion of 86 new buses in BRT
39.Rs 500 million for Safe City Peshawar
40.Rs 3.5 billion for women empowerment
41.Rs 4 billion for combating climate change
42.Rs 15.8 billion for hydle power generation