KP Govt presents over Rs 55.9778 billion supplementary budget 2019-20

PESHAWAR, Jun 19 (APP):Finance Minister KP, Taimor Salim Jhagra here Friday afternoon presented Rs 55.977856231 billion to meet running and development expenditure of various departments for financial year 2019-20.

Sharing details about the supplementary budget 2019-20, the Finance Minister said out of the total allocation of supplementary budget, Rs 29.4257120 billion for running expenditure and Rs 26.55349911 billion for development expenditure.

He said supplementary budget for running expenditure was Rs 36.110 million for IT Department, Rs176.159 million for Revenue and Estate Department, Rs 42.997 million for Excise and Taxation Department, Rs 254.21 million for Prison Department, Rs 2.3431 billion for Police, Rs1.4596 million for Administration of Justice, Rs 2.2651 for Public Health Engineering, Rs 859.66 million for Local Bodies, Rs 831.25 million for Agriculture, Rs14.578 million for Livestock, Rs 2.461 million for Cooperatives and Rs 78.1 million for Forests and Wildlife Department.

The Minister also presented supplementary budget for running expenditure was Rs 378.267 million for Irrigation, Rs 45.56 million for stationary and printing, Rs 4.95314 billion for pension, Rs 885.32 million for Sports, Culture and Tourism and Museum, Rs10.498498 for districts salary, Rs 463.537 million for transport and mass transit, Rs 4.80 billion for debt servicing and Rs 4,120 for miscellaneous expenditure.

While referring to development expenditure of budget 2019-20, the Minister said total outlay of the supplementary budget for development expenditure was Rs 26.55349911 billion.

He said Rs17.602671191 were received from the Federal Government for PSDP schemes, Rs 8.61892840 as additional amount for completion of provincial schemes or expediting work on it and Rs 331.19 million for newly merged areas.