KP Finance Minister presents supplementary budget of Rs 26.34 bln for year 2015-16

PESHAWAR, June 14 (APP): Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Finance Minister Muzafar Said Advocate Tuesday presented Supplementary Budget of Rs 26.34 billion for the year 2015-16 excessive expenditure in various departments.

While giving detail about the excessive expenditure Finance Minister Muzafar Said Advocate in a budget speech said that they have utilized these amounts in two different pools-revenue and development. Rs 18.495 billion have been spent under revenue expenditures while Rs 7.538 billion for developmental expenditures.

He highlighted the allocations under revenue expenditures said that Rs 763.148 million was being spent on police department, Rs 10.796 billion for rehabilitation work, Rs 221.768 million for Home and Tribal Affairs, Rs 120.711 million for administration of justice, Rs 2 million for environment, forestry, fisheries and wildlife, Rs 897 million for grant to local councils, Rs 9.7 million for sports and tourism, Rs 15 million for building and structure, Rs 87 million for information and Rs 5.424 billion for District Non-Salary.

He said that for the completion of the ongoing schemes and expedite
work on various projects the government have spent Rs 7.53 billion for developmental budget out of which Rs 5.27 billion were spent on PSDP schemes.

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