Govt allocated Rs 22.3 billion for SAFRON Ministry

ISLAMABAD, June 3 (APP): Under the Public Sector Development
Program (PSDP), a sum of Rs 22.3 billion have been earmarked for three schemes
to be carried out during the next financial year 2016-17.
According to the PSDP, a sum of Rs 22.3 billion would be spent on the two ongoing projects whereas three new schemes would be started at a cost of Rs 1200 million.
The detail of new schemes along with allocations include:
construction of Nahqi Tunnel, Mohmand Agency (Rs 500 million), Widening and Improvement of Ghalanai Muhammad Gatt Road (Rs 500 million) and Zyara to Dobori road, Aurakzai Agency (Rs 200 million).
A sum of Rs 21.1 billion have been set aside for two ongoing schemes.

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