Buddhist Civilization remains in Pakistan of great value for Japanese Pilgrims:Abdul Ghafoor

Thailand to provide assistance for restoration of Ghandhara Archelogical sites

ISLAMABAD, Dec 19 (APP):Pakistan is the custodian of Gandhara
Buddhist Civilizations and there are numerous holy places in
Pakistan of great value for Japanese Buddhist people said Abdul
Ghafoor Khan, Managing Director PTDC during a meeting with Daijo
TSUCHIKAWA, Second Secretary of Japanese Embassy in Islamabad.
He said that restoration of peace and betterment of law and
order situation in the country, the Japanese tourist flow is once
again showing a remarkable increase over the previous two years,said a press release issued here Monday.
The significance of Buddhist civilization remains in Pakistan
for Japanese people can boost up tourist flow to Pakistan as a
result of proper publicity.
He added that it will be 65th Anniversary of Pakistan and
Japan’s diplomatic relations next year and we have planned a number
of activities in order to celebrate this long-lasting relationship.
I am surprised to realize that above 20 million tourists visit
Japan every year and we are ready to learn from their experience by
adopting the strategies of Japan’s tourism industry.
He said that the Hasegawa Memorial Public School in Hunza is
an initiative of Japan Government for enhancement of skills of local
people in fruit cultivation as well as education in the area.
Japanese Government also supported in restoration of Ata Abad
He told that PTDC’s has already published a few brochures in
Japanese language, soft copy of which is also available with PTDC’s
website on homepage.
We will also provide links to Japanese Embassy in Pakistan and
Embassy of Pakistan in Japan on our website.
He further added that we are ready to host visit of Japanese
travel writers to write a guide book on Pakistan in their language
on the pattern of “Siarnwe Book”, which means a way to walk on
earth, which we can see on lonely planet as well.
We are also planning to prepare a fresh documentary film,
which will also be translated in Japanese language for display on
travel channels of Japan.
We have also planned to launch an exclusive tourism channel in
Pakistan, which will continuously display different documentaries on
nature, culture, history, archaeology and tourist attractions of
Daijo TSUCHIKAWA said that Japan is assisting Pakistan in
energy sector and a number of artists from Pakistan have been sent
to Japan for paintings displays at different tourist attractions.
On their return, they will be meeting H.E. the Ambassador. He
told that through the JENESYS Programme, Japanese government
providing a sound foundation for strong solidarity within Asia
through large-scale youth exchange.
This programme will also be launched for Pakistan to train and
educate youth for the tourism sector.
He appreciated the efforts and dedication of MD PTDC for
promotion and development of tourism in Pakistan, which was a
neglected sector in the past.