Bahria All Pakistan floodlit cricket reaches to QF stage


LAHORE, May 22 (APP):The 5th Bahria Cup All Pakistan Floodlit Tape Ball Cricket Tournament reached to quarter finals as eight teams qualified for the next round after the completion of pool matches at Bahria Cricket Stadium Bahria Town here on Wednesday.
The teams which qualified for the quarter finals are Pak Warriors , Sangla Eleven , Kazmi Eleven, Sunny Eleven,Zain Eleven ,United Eleven, Haq Bahoo Eleven and Panther Eleven.
Following are the results of the pre quarter finals matches,
First match: Sunny Eleven beat Melsi Eleven by 43 runs. Sunny Eleven batted first scored 71 runs in 4 overs and Melsi Eleven made 29 runs.
Second match: Kazmi Eleven beat Yarian Eleven by 68 runs. Kazmi Eleven batted first scored 90 runs in 4 overs and Yarian Eleven made 23 runs.
Third match: Pak Warriors beat Babar J-3 by 13 runs. Pak Warriors batted first scored 44 runs in 4 overs and Babar J-3 made 32 runs.
Fourth match: Sangla Eleven beat Sharqpur Eleven by 5 wickets. Sharqpur Eleven batted first scored 42 runs in 4 overs and Sangla Eleven achieved the atarget for the loss of five wickets.
Fifth match: Zain Eleven beat Sajawal Eleven by 7 wickets. Sajawal Eleven batted first scored 26 runs in 4 overs and Zain Eleven achieved the target for the loss of three wickets.
Sixth match: United Eleven beat Ghosia Eleven by 4 wickets. Ghosia Eleven batted first scored 48 runs in 4 overs and United achieved the target for the loss of six wickets.
Seventh match: Haq Bahoo Eleven beat Shahzeb DHA by 18 runs. Haq Bahoo batted first scored 52 runs in 4 overs and Shahzeb DHA made 35 runs .
Eighth match: Panther Eleven beat Bhimber Eleven by 6 wickets. Bhimber Eleven batted first score 39 runs in 4 overs and Panther Eleven achieved the target for the loss of four wickets.
On the fourth day of the event 4 Quarter Final Matches will be played. Following is the programme of quarter final matches, Pak Warriors vs Kazmi Eleven, Sangla XI vs Sunny XI,Zain XI vs United XI Haq Bahoo XI vs Panther XI.