Assad urges inner reform of political parties for strong democracy


ISLAMABAD, Oct 25 (APP):Speaker National Assembly Assad Qaiser Khan here on Thursday urged that inner reform in all political parties must be for the strengthen of democracy and without strong democracy, the country could not be progress.
Talking to a private news channel, Assad Qaiser said, “I will perform my duties in the domain of law, rules and constitution of the country and trying to run the House with consensuses”.
To a question about the general election of 2018, he said that Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) hold free, fair and transparent election across the country adding that it was a historic free and fair election of Pakistan.
He said the Parliament should debate over charter of economy and there will be no compromise on accountability as the government will discourage discrimination or political trial of any political figure.
The Chairman of Public Account Committee would be selected from government not from the Opposition, he said.
The Speaker said National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in an independent institution and government have no influence on it. I will use all of my capability for the strengthening of Parliament and the government believes in across the board accountability, as without free and fair accountability, no county of the world could progress.
Some amendment are necessary in the rules and laws of NAB and it is the responsibility of the Parliament to hold debate on them.
He rejected the impression that the government is behind all political trials in NAB and said that all NAB cases were registered before PTI government.
To a question, he said that production order of Shahbaz Sharif wold be issued according to the law.
He criticised the role of the Opposition in Punjab Assembly and said that the Opposition should present the political maturity where they should protest according to the law and maintain the decorum of the House. Government have no plan to registered any political case against any political party and have zero tolerance policy on corruption, he added.
Assad lamented that every work would be done according to the law as nobody is above the law.
Govt will mange the conducive environment of the Parliament House as legislation of the House should be for the betterment of the citizen of the county.
He called upon the Parliamentarians initiate debate on charter of Economy, water crisis, open discussion on foreign policy, extremism, show the unity as nationalist on these issue.
Politicians should be role model of the society, if any political party have any allegation, it should present it in the committee, he said.
Equal member would be selected for parliamentary committee and chairman wold be from the government. Assad also urged on the collective efforts of all political parties for the development and prosperity of the country.
The Speaker said the government will soon address the reservation of Akhtar Mengal, adding that the government is taking practical steps for the welfare of the citizen and the ministers are performing their duties with full commitment. Prime Minster Imran Khan is ready to reply all the question of the House, he aaded.