Artisans developed new techniques of Swat hand embroidery

ISLAMABAD, Oct 15 (APP):Artisans of Swat Valley have developed latest techniques in developing designs of hand embroidery, a traditional art form which was famous across Pakistan and abroad.

Swat hand embroidery products ranging from Jewelry, garments and Shawls which was created locally by both men and women artisans. Swati hand embroidery is combining the age-old traditions with modern-day adaptations. 

Swati embroidery has a great significance and has won a unique status due to its innovative and creative underpinning all over the country, said artisan Daud Khan from Swat here at Lok Virsa.

He said that in the past when modern embroidery accessories were not easily available, pure silver yarn was used in embroidery and the dresses decorated this way were very heavy and ostentatious.