LAHORE, Nov 1 (APP): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)
Organizer Lahore Shafqat Mahmood on Sunday resigned from
his position over worst defeat in first phase of Local
Body Polls in Lahore.
In messages posted on social media website, the PTI
leader said the party’s performance in the local bodies’
polls was “worse than expected”.
“PTI fared much worse than expected in Lahore LG elections.
We did our best but our best was not good enough,” he said.
“As district incharge it is my moral duty to accept
responsibility for this poor performance. I have today
resigned as Lahore organiser,” he added.
According to unofficial results, Pakistan Muslim League-
Nawaz grabbed 220 seats in the provincial capital while PTI
could secure 12 seats only till the file of report.