PML-N candidates elected from UCs 52, 210, 101, 100

LAHORE, Oct 31 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-
N) candidates have secured slots of chairman from UCs 52, 210, 101 and 100 in Lahore.
According to unofficial results, PML-N candidate Rahila
Kokab has got 3435 votes and elected chairperson from UC-52,
Nasir Park area, whereas rival PTI candidate Malik Tanveer
managed to secure only 1386 votes.
Similarly, PML-N candidate Muhammad Aslam gained 2296
votes and elected chairman from UC-210 Faisal Town area
whereas independent candidate Amir Nisar remained second with
1609 votes.PML-N candidate Mian Basharat elected chairman from UC-
101, Kot Kambo, by scoring 4,596 votes and PTI candidate
Muhammad Zulifqar remained second with 1,825 votes.
PML-N candidate Malik Ashraf secured 2771 votes and
elected chairman from UC-100, Babu Sabu area, whereas rival
PTI candidate Muhammad Qayyum secured 896 votes for the slot.