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RAWALPINDI, Oct 11 (APP):Punjab Minister for Information and Culture Fayyaz ul Hassan
Chohan Thursday said the process of accountability will continue
against those who looted national exchequer and no one would be spared.
He said the corrupt elements who were involved in loot and
plunder are now making hue and cry and propagating false notions against the government.
The government is making all out efforts to address problems being faced by the citizens and
bring the country out of economic crisis, he added.
He said the government is taking decisions to help the country stand on its own feet in accordance with the vision of the Prime Minister Imran Khan who wants to provide relief to the citizens and
development of the country.
He said the government wants to mobilize resources to run affairs of the state but
it cannot add more burden on the poor and despite all the propaganda, the confidence
of the people on PTI’s government would not shatter.
He said this while talking to different delegations here.
The minister said the corrupt elements are staging protests
against the government which took power hardly two months ago.
Referring to the government’s decision to go to IMF, he said the country is facing problems due
to bad governance of the former rulers.
The minister informed that the country’s foreign debt was just 6000 billion rupees in 2008 but reached 28000 billion rupees during the last ten years.
Fayyaz ul Hasan said the people know very well that who looted the country and who is
trying to bring the country out of economic crisis and put the country on the track of development.
The Prime Minister Imran Khan is striving hard to make the country a respectable state in the world, he said adding, the day is not far when the crisis and problems would be controlled and far
reaching effects of the reforms agenda of the government would start emerging.