A solo exhibition “The Space Within” by Noor Ali Chagani inaugurated at Tanzara Gallery

ISLAMABAD, Oct 15 (APP):A solo exhibition titled “The Space Within” of internationally acclaimed, Lahore based artist Noor Ali Chagani was inaugurated here at Tanzara Art Gallery.

The show features over twelve new works of sculpture, painting and installation dealing with issue of home and belonging.

A graduate of the Lahore National College of Arts Chagani use his traditional miniature training to inform his contemporary practice. He combines both the high art of delicate miniature traditions passed down from the royal Mughal and Persian courts, with the art of ceramics and techniques of brick making craftsmen, equally centuries old. Chagai creates his own miniature terra cotta bricks by using old-fashioned kilns and firing methods. He then applies tiny brush strokes to fluidly depict the imagery seen in the streets of his hometown. Most recently, he has also begun in incorporating weaving of bricks into his production, further expanding on the formal possibilities of his techniques.

Drawing on his personal experiences, Chagani’s works explore questions of identity and represent his longing for stability in a sound house. The brick is a unit that is used repetitively; it is a unit of strength, power and support. It talks about land ownership and possession. It shows a constant struggle between retaining one’s identity and yet blending with the masses. It also communicates the need to be a part of a strong organization.