73,733 so far trained under PM’s Youth Skill Development Programme

73,733 so far trained under PM's Youth Skill Development Programme

ISLAMABAD, April 27 (APP): Prime Minister’s Youth Skill
Development Programme has so far provided trainings to 73,733 young
persons successfully in phases, targeting marketable trades.
In Phase-I 24,831 youth completed their trainings in 2014,
25022 were trained in Phase-II in 2015 including 4630 drop-out while
23,880 were trained in batch-1 of Phase-III in 2016.
Similarly, training of 25,000 youth has been commenced from
January 2016 under batch 2 of Phase-111-2017. Training of 0.1
million youth has been planned in two batches under Phase-lV
Official sources on Thursday said a PC-I of Phase-IV for
training of 100,000 less educated and unskilled youth has been sent
to relevant ministry for approval.
The sectors to be focused under Phase-IV are agriculture, health/paramedics, business & IT, hospitality & tourism, media related trades, fashion & beauty and manufacturing industry.
The sources said Youth Skills Development Programme is one of
the schemes launched under Prime Minister’s Programme for Youth
which is a revolutionary programme for
socio-economic development of youth, in a bid to combat soaring
unemployment in the country.
It has a broad canvas of schemes aimed at enabling youth and
poor segments of population to get good employment, opportunities,
secure economic empowerment, acquire skills needed for gainful
employment, have access to higher education and IT tools and access
to on-the-job training/internship for young graduates to improve
probability of getting a productive job.
National Vocational and Technical Training Commission
(NAVTTC), Ministry of Education and Trainings, executing PM’s Skill
Development Programme, has taken steps for quality training and to
meet international standards.
These are competency based training,
accreditation and certification, career, counseling and job
placement, national, vocational and qualification framework and
strengthening of Public Private Partnership to bridge demand-supply