12 new licences to be issued by PEMRA in next fiscal to generate 5000 new job opportunities


ISLAMABAD, Jun 2 (APP): To promote private electronic media, Pakistan
Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) is playing important role and also
contribute in employment generation as well as revenue to the exchequer.
According to Pakistan Economic Survey 2015-16 released Thursday ,the
remarkable growth of electronic media has expanded advertisement market manifold
thus creating many jobs indirectly,said the economic survey 2015-16 released here
The role of PEMRA in promotion of electronic media, advertising industry
and job creation has been remarkable, it said.
In the next financial year PEMRA intends to issue 12 new licenses of
satellite television and twelve licenses for landing rights permission. The step
is likely to enhance satellite TV advertising market to a considerable extent.
From new licensing about 5000 direct employment opportunities would be
created. This may trigger economic activity of hundreds of millions of rupees in
the economy. This would also broader the choices available to the viewers.
Every year PEMRA foresees new avenues of licensing in different segments
of electronic media. This opens up opportunities for the new market players to
invest in electronic media and expand the industry thus creating avenues of
income and employment for the economy.
In the current financial year, PEMRA examined the performance of the sector in order to assess the future prospects of the media sector.
Due to improvement in economic fundamentals, drastic cut in policy rate,
increase in foreign remittances and hefty reserves created a stimulus for the investors in electronic media.
In order to promote international competition in electronic media, PEMRA
allows foreign channels to be distributed in Pakistan through local companies
formed under the company law,the economic survey further said.
To date PEMRA has awarded permission to 15 companies to distribute 20 channels. Such permissions are called Landing Right Permission. These channels have played a significant role in expansion of advertising market.
The advertising industry generated roughly over 1000 million in a year from
this sub-sector of media. Assuming the velocity of money of 5 roughly an economic
activity of Rs. 5000 million may be projected for the current financial year from
only this sub-sector.
Currently 93 licensed satellite channels are operating and they have
generated more than 10,000 employment openings in the country.
Satellite channels helped generate economic activity of roughly Rs.
40,000 million in the economy. Cable TV and FM sectors have also
played significant rule in promotion of advertising industry and creation of a
lot of employment opportunities in the country.
In order to give better choice to the consumers, PEMRA initiated the
process of awarding license of Direct to Home Service (DTH). This would
create an avenue for increasing pay T.V penetration and create a new marketing
channels for the advertisers,the survey said.
It is worth mentioning the PEMRA’s planning horizon is one year. The next
fiscal year is likely to begin with positive out look for the media industry and stable economic fundamentals.
Licensing of DTH service would also enrich the electronic media
distribution market with a new flavor. PEMRA plans to award three DTH licenses.
Given the population and untapped potential for pay TV subscribers, it is
likely that DTH Licensing would be a success story. It would not only add value
for the advertising market but also generate an economic activity of about Rs.
6000 Million.
DTH would also put a positive pressure on cable TV sector and result in
improvement in quality of service. Thus PEMRA would continue to pay its vibrant
role in the economic growth of the country in the next financial year.
The most economic broadcasting services are provided by Pakistan Television
Corporation Limited (PTV) to remote and economically backward areas of the
country in order to keep the people of remote areas aware of about the current
affairs of the country as well as the whole world.
There exist 7 multiple channels broadcasting its different programmes
through PTV world, PTV News, PTV Home, PTV Bolan, PTV Sports, PTV National and PTV Global.
The only English News Channel in Pakistan telecasting the information about
Pakistan domestically as well as internationally has been launched by PTV.