Zubair lauds role of Senate for cause of democracy

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KARACHI, Feb 27 (APP): Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair has lauded the role of the Senate for the promotion of democracy in the country.
He was talking to the deputy Chairman of the Senate, Maulana Ghafoor Haideri here on Monday.
Prevailing situation, effective legislation for the betterment and welfare of the people and other matters of importance came up for discussion at the meeting held at the residence of Maulana Haideri.
Zubair said that as a Governor his endeavour is for the provision of more and more facilities to the people and fostering coordination and harmony between the federal and the provincial government.
He stated that for the on-going mega projects in the province, the federal government was coming up with comprehensive fundings.
Governor called for more legislation for speeding up public welfare projects.
Deputy Chairman Senate said that steps would be taken for more legislation to speed up public welfare works.
He appreciated the Governor for paying full attention towards projects of public importance and welfare.
Concerted efforts are required with such a vision, he further pointed out.