Zafarullah clarifies his remarks regarding betrayal of Judah

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ISLAMABAD, July 13 (APP): Special Assistant to the Prime
Minister/Minister of State on Law and Justice, Zafarullah Khan,
clarified his reference to the historical background of betrayal of
Judah in his recent press conference and termed it misreported.
A very small group of people have tried to misuse, for their
ulterior motives, his reference to the historical background of
betrayal of Judah, he said in a statement issued here.
Zafarullah Khan said that although this malicious act of a
very few people did not deserve to be responded to, but to put the
record straight, he clarified: “I believe in Hazrat Masih Alai
Salam (Jesus) is a true Prophet and has the divine guidance in the
form of Injeel-e-Muqadas (The Bible)”.
“Jesus is one of the very few greatest benefactors of humanity
and has a major contribution in whatever goodness and the light we
have achieved in our world so far. As a Muslim, I cannot even
differentiate one Prophet from the other as all are Holy and
divine,” he added.
Zafarullah Khan maintained that his reference to Judah was to
indicate his betrayal and to declare the truthfulness and the
greatness of the Jesus and trying to find another meaning is highly
unfortunate and disappointing and such sensitive issues and Holy
persons shall not be used for ulterior motives.
Personally, he said, he was very much influenced by the
simplicity, humanity, piety and universal love of Jesus.
As a political worker, he said, he had helped many Christian
associations and groups to protect, preserve and promote their
fundamental rights in Pakistan.
He thanked all the Christian friends and the
media that had foiled the malicious move to create a mischief.