Zafarul Haq for objective-orientated debates in Senate

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 9 (APP): Leader of the House in Senate Raja Zafarul Haq on Wednesday expressed dismay over the opposition members attitude and said debates in house should be result-oriented.
Concluding debate on a motion regarding the post Panama Papers case verdict political situation and the way forward-role of the parliament, he said,” We should now grow up.”
He said he was expecting that the debate would be
objective-oriented and based on principles. However, the debate
was made personalized and no suggestion was given to help curb
corruption in the society, he added.
Zafarul Haq said collective legislation was the only way
forward to put the country on road of progress and prosperity.
He said now the people belonging to the opposition were
also saying that injustice was done with Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.
Regarding historical rally, Zafarul Haq said the people
could not be brought to street through offering money to them.
He said the prime minister presided over the cabinet
and the whole country was considered his constituency.
The prime minister, he said, took the people into
confidence when ever any extraordinary situation emerged.
How issues like power load-shedding and terrorism could
be addressed, he added.
He said electoral reforms were also a step toward to
bring reforms in the election process.
Later the House was adjourned to meet again on Thursday
at 3 pm.