LAHORE, Aug 11 (APP):Caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Dr Hassan Askari said on Saturday that the youth acts as a growth engine for a country who also makes targets of development and progress attainable as they have
new thoughts, unique thinking and newness, and the youth of Pakistan beyond any doubt is competent, intelligent and full of capacities.
In his message on the International Youth Day, he said
Pakistan is among lucky countries whose most of population
is consisted of the youth and making the youth empowered
in real terms is the need of the hour. The youth of Pakistan
has proved its talent at every level and has brought good
name to the country due to its God gifted talent and the
nation has attached high hopes to its talented youth.
The interim government, he said, has made sincere efforts
to resolve problems of the youth. He said:” We have to shape
the future of the youth for the bright future of Pakistan”.
He said the government is responsible for providing
resources to make the youth empowered because the youth only
brightens the future of Pakistan. He said if the youth is given
proper guidance and education, then it can strengthen the economy.
The CM said the youth under the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam had
rendered unparalleled sacrifices for the Pakistan Movement and their
sacrifices are the golden chapter of the Pakistan Movement.
The youth had played vital role in the Pakistan Movement and today
the youth are also needed to utilize its talent in the same
way, he added.
He said it is needed that the youth is made skilled as per
market based requirements so that the youth moves forward in
real terms and takes part in the national development. The youth
should make itself skilled as per needs of the market.
He said the purpose of celebrating this day is to stress
the need for taking steps for the utilisation the talent of
the youth in the best suitable manner at national and
international level.
“Today we have to resolve that we will make effective policy
to enhance talent of the youth and bring it at a part with
international level,” he added.