ISLAMABAD, June 3 (APP): Minister for Religious Affairs and
Interfaith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf Friday said that the
promotion of interfaith harmony and unanimity among various segments
of society was his life mission.
Addressing faithful at a local mosque here, he said the
agreement of all ulema on uniform timings of prayers and Azan was
historical decision of religious scholars.
He said the uniform prayers timings were being observed
successfully in various countries of the world including Saudi
Arabia, Malaysia and Gulf countries.
The uniform prayers timings had helped increasing importance of prayers.
He lamented that the importance of introducing uniform prayer
timings was not felt by previous governments. Offering prayers was
more important than performing Hajj as Namaz ranked second among
basic Islamic practices as comparing to Hajj which was considered
fifth pillar of Islam.
He said, a committee had already prepared a consensus calendar
for uniform prayers timings in twin cities of Rawalpindi and
Islamabad. Now it was upto Ulema to follow the calendar to offer
He said the uniform prayer system would be implemented in
Sardar Yousaf also met with ulema and religious scholars after
Juma prayers. Ulema including Maulana Maroof of Jamia Mosque
Zounourain, G-9 Markaz, Mufti Zamir Ahmed Sajid of Jamia mosque Al
Hassan, G-9/4, Mufti Muhammad Iqbal Naeemi of Jamia mosque Al
Mujahid G-9/1, Maulana Muhammad Rustam of Jamia mosque Jeelania, G-
8/1, Maulana Muhammad Qasim Chishti of Jamia mosque Shamas ul
Araifain, G-8 and others.
Ulema and scholars assured their cooperation to the minister for implementing uniform prayers system. They lauded the efforts of the minister for introducing cheap hajj packages.

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