Young Pakistani filmmaker to participate in Talent Campus

Young Pakistani filmmaker to participate in Talent Campus

ISLAMABAD, Feb 5 (APP): The young Pakistani filmmakers
would participate in the Talent Campus 2017 to be held in Tehran,
Iran from April 19 to 26.
According to an official of Pakistan National Council of the
Arts (PNCA) the main purpose of the Talent Campus is to primarily
familiarize young filmmakers with the different aspects of the New
Iranian Cinema as well as the development and training of the future
generation of filmmakers.
In addition, it is an event that aims to serve as a platform
for boosting cinematic relations with young filmmakers and
introducing them to influential figures in the cinema as well as for
discovering young talents in the region and the world.
A total 110 students would be selected for the courses, sixty
Iranian students and 50 international students 20 from region and 30
from other countries would be enrolled after scrutiny in the Talent
Campus 2017.