Xinjiang’s Party chief secretly investigates how the region is maintaining stability


BEIJING (China), Feb 23 (APP): The Party chief of Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region has conducted an undercover investigation Tuesday into how well the regional government is maintaining stability.
Chen Quanguo, who was nominated the Xinjiang Party chief in August 2016, went to the public security bureau of Urumqi and discreetly examined their work and progress in maintaining social order, a Chinese newspaper “Global Times” reported.
It said, Chen went to a random place in the city and called the police, who only took 54 seconds to arrive.
Chen checked the security situation in a local restaurant, and asked shop staff and security guards about what equipment they have to deal with emergencies, what precautionary measures they take and how they contact the police, said the report, adding that he also spoke with the public about their suggestions regarding maintaining social security.
He also sent his appreciation to both police and the public for their support in maintaining stability.
Chen said at a government video conference that maintaining stability is a major task for all levels of the region, and it overrides all other work.
He said that Xinjiang’s fight against the “three evil forces” is urgent, complicated and time-consuming. “Three evil forces” refers to terrorism, separatism and religious extremism.