Wrestlers from 20 countries to participate in Pro Wrestling Competition


ISLAMABAD, May 15 (APP): International wrestlers from 20 countries would be seen in action at the World Heavy Weight Pro Wrestling Competition to be held at three different cities in Pakistan from May 17.
Addressing a press conference here at National Press Club (NPC) Monday, CEO Pro Wrestling Entertainment (PWE) Syed Asim Ali Shah said as many as 25 wrestlers and officials would be arriving in Pakistan from Tuesday.
“France-based wrestler of Pakistani origin, Badshah Khan, Tiny Iron, Yacine Osmani and wrestling legend in Europe, Flesh Gordon and many others including four female wrestlers would be a part of the mega event,” he said.
“Referees, ring master and commentators would also be coming here from USA and France as to hold the event under international rules,” he said.
He said we want to show the world that Pakistan can also host the World Heavy Weight Pro Wrestling Competition.
“There is a demand and fan base for pro-wrestling in Pakistan and we are giving it to them,” he said.
The first event is scheduled to take place on the May 17 at the Karachi Sports Complex, while the second will e held in Lahore and third in Islamabad at the Liaquat Gymnasium of the Pakistan Sports Complex.
“There will be a number of different matches to be contested in the event including singles and tag team,” he said.
He said Pakistan has great potential in wrestling; the aim to organize this event is to promote the pro wrestling in Pakistan.
Speaking about the preparations, he said French technicians were called in to help out making of the fights rings according to international standards. “Our local manufactures with their help have successfully made the rings in accordance of international standards.”
“Foolproof security arrangements have been made to make this tournament successful,” he said.