World XI to again visit Pakistan in 2018 and 2019, Najam Sethi

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LAHORE,Sept 13 (APP)- Chairman, Pakistan Cricket Board,Najam Sethi said on Wednesday that World XI will again visit Pakistan in year 2018 and 2019 to help promote international cricket in the country.
The visit of World XI has paved way for international cricket to Pakistan and apart from the visit of other foreign teams the World XI will also undertake visits of Pakistan in the successive years 2018 and 2019,he told media here.
“When next time the World XI will tour Pakistan it will have the services
of top more most cricketers of the globe which will make the foreign team more stronger”,he asserted.
Chairman PCB said after the three match Independence Cup series between World XI and Pakistan, Sri Lankan and the West Indies teams will be visiting Pakistan to play T20 matches.
“PCB is striving for the cause of return of international cricket to
Pakistan and we are delighted that our efforts finally bore fruit and doors of international cricket have been opened to Pakistan with the visit of World XI”, said Najam Sathi.
He termed the successful holding of the Pakistan Super League final
earlier this year ‘the game changer’ for cricket in Pakistan and said it helped in changing perception regarding Pakistan cricket in the outer world.
“Now after the tour of World XI things will be improved as far security
and other issues are concerned and foreign teams will be coming to Pakistan to play international cricket”,said PCB Chief.
“Definitely the successful holding of World XI tour will send a positive
message to the world as seeing is believing and people connected with the games have seen that Pakistan organised the PSL final in a very good way. Now we are heading towards the successful tour of World XI and these are good achievements on the part of PCB to break the dead lock of international cricket in the country”,he added.
“Now if someone wants to propagate against Pakistan cricket,no one is going to believe such negative campaign against a country in which a world XI is playing”,he maintained.
Chairman PCB said apart from the efforts and contribution of the Government and the concerned departments, the credit to make the World XI tour a success goes to the people of Pakistan who prayed a lot for the happening of the tour of World XI.
He said PCB will soon hold discussions with the cricket playing countries
for sending their teams to Pakistan to continue its efforts for the cause of international cricket in Pakistan.
To a question, he said the matches of the Pakistan Super League will also be organised in Karachi and international cricket matches will also be staged in the port city to bring international cricket there after establishing the faith and confidence of foreign players and teams.