World Radio Day observed


ISLAMABAD, Feb 13 (APP):Like other parts of the globe, World Radio Day was observed here in Pakistan on Wednesday, which celebrated the radio as a way of educating people, providing information and promoting freedom of expression across the diversity of cultures.

Each year, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) celebrates World Radio Day by planning activities with broadcasters, organizations and communities around the world.
Despite being over 100 years old, the radio is one of the most popular ways to exchange information, provide social interchange, and educate people all over the world.
It has been used to help people, including youth, to engage in discussions on topics that affect them. It can save lives during natural or human-made disasters, and it gives journalists a platform to report facts and tell their stories. The first World Radio Day was officially celebrated in 2012.
This day marked a time where people around the world celebrated radio and how it shapes our lives. Radio informs, transforms and unites us.
It brought together people and communities from all backgrounds to foster positive dialogue for change. More specifically, radio is the perfect medium to counter the appeals for violence and the spread of conflict, especially in regions potentially more exposed to such realities.
On that basis, World Radio Day 2019 celebrated the theme of “Dialogue, Tolerance and Peace”.
Broadcasts that provided a platform for dialogue and democratic debate over issues, such as migration or violence against women, can help to raise awareness among listeners and inspire understanding for new perspectives in paving the way for positive action.
Radio programming can also build tolerance and surpass the differences separating groups by uniting them under common goals and causes, like ensuring education for one’s children or addressing local health concerns.