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ISLAMABAD, Sept 8 (APP): Pakistan’s Ambassador to United
States (US), Aizaz Chaudhry on Friday said world had observed the
achievement and success of Pakistan in war against terrorism.
Many countries of the world were holding discussions about
declining incidents of terrorism in Pakistan, he said talking to
He said Pakistan had been fighting war on terrorism with
success and rendered lot of sacrifices in this regard. “Our
valiant armed forces had destroyed terrorists network from the
country, ” he said.
He said several countries in the region were facing worse
situation in law and order but peace was restoring in Pakistan.
Commenting on the statement of US President Donald Trump
regarding Pakistan, he said America had held economic and military
investment in Afghanistan aimed to improve the circumstances there
but it was fail in do so.
He alleged that US was trying to put his failure in
Afghanistan on Pakistan. He said Pakistan had conveyed its view
point to US regarding Afghanistan. Pakistan always wanted peace in
Afghanistan, he added.
Replying to a question, he said Pakistan was enjoying good
relations with China, Russia and other countries.