World community should fully recognize Pakistan’s counter-terrorism efforts: China


BEIJING, June 28 (APP): China on Wednesday said that Pakistan was at

the forefront of counter-terrorism and had made important contribution to the international campaign against terrorism.
“I must say that Pakistan is at the forefront of counter-terrorism
and has made important contribution to the international campaign against terrorism,” Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesperson Lu Kang said during
his regular press briefing here.
He said the Chinese side maintained that the international community should step up cooperation against terrorism, and should also fully recognize Pakistan’s efforts in this regard.
Regarding counter-terrorism and issues relating to other countries in the region, he said, “We have noted the relevant reports. I would like
to say that the Chinese government is consistent and clear on counter-terrorism.”
Lu Kang said the Chinese side opposed all forms of terrorism and
linking terrorism with any specific country. “We call for international cooperation against terrorism on the basis of mutual respect.”
About the Indian prime minister’s recent meeting with US President Donald Trump in Washington, he said, “We have been saying that China welcomes friendly and cooperative relations among all countries, and
hope that such kind of relations will contribute to peace, stability
and prosperity of the region and beyond.”
As for the Indian prime minister’s visit to the US and his
discussion with the US on relevant issues, he said, “We think it is
quite normal for leaders of two countries to talk about issues of
common interest, as long as their interaction is conducive to peace, stability, and prosperity of Asia.”
About the discussion and consensus between American and Indian
leaders on the issue of Afghanistan, he said that realization of peace
and stability in Afghanistan at an early date served the common
interests of the whole region.
“China always supports the “Afghan-led and Afghan-owned”
reconciliation process which is inclusive. We also welcome all
parties’ constructive efforts in this aspect,” he added.
Responding to a question about reopening of Nathu-la pass in
Sikkim section of China-India border for Indian pilgrims, he said,
“We have told the Indian side that the arrangement was put off as
an emergency measure in response to the change of the situation
caused by the Indian border troops’ trespass.”
Lu Kang stressed that Indian pilgrims’ trip to Xi Zang required necessary atmosphere and conditions, and the Indian side was to
blame for the trip not being taken place as scheduled.
He said, “As for when the pilgrimage route will reopen, it
totally depends on whether the Indian side can correct its mistake
in time.”
To yet another question, he said China’s construction of a road
in Doklam was an act of sovereignty on its own territory. “It is
completely justified and lawful, and others have no right to
The spokesperson stressed that Bhutan was a world-recognized, independent sovereign state and hoped that all countries would
respect its sovereignty.
Although the boundary between China and Bhutan, he said, was
yet to be demarcated, the two sides had been working on that
through peaceful negotiation. “Any third party must not and does not
have the right to interfere, still less make irresponsible moves or
remarks that violate the fact.”