WASHINGTON, Nov 25 (APP): The World Bank President, Jim Yong Kim has  expressed his deep sorrow over the demise of former caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan Moeen Qureshi, saying he was a towering figure in the organization and served on many important posts.

“On behalf of the many World Bank Group staff who still recall Moeen
Qureshi with great fondness and respect, I would like to express our deepest sympathy to his family and to the people of Pakistan,” the President said.

He said,” Moeen Qureshi is remembered by his friends and former
colleagues at the World Bank Group as a towering figure in the organization, with a sharp intellect and quick wit.

During his tenure at the Bank from 1970 to 1991, Qureshi served in
many important roles, including as Executive Vice President and CEO of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), Vice President and Senior Vice President for Finance of the World Bank.”

In his last position at the Bank, Qureshi had the number two slot at
the time, Senior Vice President for Operations, in which he oversaw all regional lending programmes. Prior to joining the Bank, Qureshi had a distinguished career at the International Monetary Fund.

After leaving the Bank, Qureshi in 1993 was Acting Prime Minister of
Pakistan, where over a brief period he helped institute a remarkable number of important reforms to help stabilize the economy and increase accountability. He then oversaw the political process that saw a democratic and peaceful transition of power.

The World Bank lauded his brilliance, charm and strong commitment.He
left the Bank in 1991.