Work on projects for laying new railway lines being expedited

ISLAMABAD, Jan 2 (APP): Ministry of Railways is carrying out feasibility studies for upgradation of existing Main Line-II and upgradation and extension of Main Line-III.
Giving details, official sources said on Monday the projects including new lines from Gwadar to Besima and Besima to Jacobabad via Khuzdar would be part of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
The sources said approved cost of feasibility study of this project is Rs 135.5 million and added Request For Proposal (RFP) has been advertised to engage consultants for preparing and submitting feasibility study along with preliminary design.
The second line is from Bin Qasim Station to Port Qasim.
The approved cost of the project is Rs 1,568 million and physical
progress is eight per cent.
The other line is Peshawar to Jalalabad. The approved cost of
feasibility study of the project is Rs 67 million and feasibility study is in progress.
Similarly, another line is Chaman to Spinboldak. The approved
cost of project is Rs 1262.95 million. The work is held up for
commencement of work from Kandhar to Spinboldak by government of
The sources said physical work on above mentioned projects has
not yet been started being in planning phase.
The sources said PC-1 in connection with upgradation of Main
Line-1 (ML-1 including laying new tracks) under China Pakistan
Economic Corridor has been prepared and submitted for obtaining
approval from ministry of planning and development.
The work for doubling/improvement of existing track from Port Qasim to Bin Qasim Station has been awarded to National Logistic Cell (NLC) and is under progress.
The position for upgradation of existing lines announced during last two financial years included: upgradation of ML-I (including new line between Karachi-Kotri, second line between Shahdara-Peshawar and new re-aligned track between Kaluwal-Pindora.
The PC-I of the project is under consideration with the planning
Regarding upgradation of ML-2 (Attock to Kotri), the sources
said feasibility study has been launched while procurement of
consultants completed and work has been awarded to an Austrian
consultant firm through an international competitive bidding process.
The other project is upgradation and extension of ML-3
(Rohri to Taftan via Quetta) and new line (Western Corridor) from
Quetta to Kotlajam via Dera Ismail Khan). The feasibility study has
been launched.
Feasibility study for upgradation of Wazirabad-Narowal
Shahdara section has been launched. The procurement of consultants
completed and work has been awarded.