Wheat worth US$ 967,000 exported in previous year


ISLAMABAD, Jul 26 (APP): As many as 3,676 metric tons of wheat

worth US$ 967,000 exported during previous financial year (2016-17) as compared the exports of corresponding period of last year.
Wheat exports from the country during 12 months of financial year, 2016-17 registered 512.3 percent increase as against the exports of 2015-16, according the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.
Wheat exports from the country during financial year 2015-16 was recorded at 450 metric tons valuing US$ 158,000, where as no quantity of wheat were exported in month of June, 2017.
During the period from July-June, 2016-17, sugar exports from the country grew by 21.90 percent and it was recorded at 307,862 metric tons as compared the exports of 293,451 metric tons of same period last year.
The country earned US$ 161.253 million by exporting the
surplus sugar in 12 months of last financial year as against the earning of US$ 76.677 millon of same period last year, it added.
Meanwhile, about 22,927 metric tons of spices worth US$ 84.22 million by exported during the period under review as compared the exports of 19,746 metric tons of spices valuing US$ 76.677 million of same period last year.
During previous financial year, exports of oil seeds nuts and
kernal grew by 56.83 percent as compared the same period of year 2015-16, it added.
About 36,525 metric tons of oil seed, nuts and kernals worth US$ 47.287 billion exported during last year as compared the exports of 20,938 metric tons worth US$ 30.152 million of same period last year.