Wazir Afzal to compose musical album for Lok Virsa


ISLAMABAD, Aug 8 (APP): Wazir Afzal, a living legendary
composer, has consented to compose a musical album for the
National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa).
Wazir Afzal was a popular name during the golden era
of Pakistan’s music and film industries. He has a number of
catchy compositions to his credit.
A disciple of legendary music composer Khwaja Kursheed Anwar,
Afzal contributed some unforgettable compositions to many films,
such as `Kainday Nay Naina’, `Tu Qarar Mera Piyar Meray Jania’ and
`Saat Suron Ka Behta Dariya Teray Naam’.
According a Lok Virsa press statement, Wazir Afzal has
compassionately show his willingness to compose the musical album
to which legendary folk artist Bushra Sadiq will lend her vocals.
The album has been conceptualized by Lok Virsa Executive
Director Dr Fouzia Saeed, which is a step forward and an achievement
for Lok Virsa in its efforts to preserve and promote Pakistan’s
cultural heritage.
Dr Fouzia Saeed during her visit to Lahore met Wazir Afzal
and discussed various ideas of collaboration with him.
Dr Fouzia, in a statement, said Wazir Afzal was an asset for
the country’s folk music. His work would educate young music
composers and producers of current era.
“It’s a great honour for Lok Virsa to have such a great
music legend, who will compose melodious songs for the esteem
institution,” she added.
While continuing the 70 years independence celebrations,
Dr Fouzia said commencing the programme of composing Lok Virsa’s
new music album by the renowned music director of Pakistan was a
great gift from Lok Virsa to public.
“We want to create a pluralistic society where people should
feel proud in practicing their indigenous folk culture as we are
dealing with research, collection, documentation, preservation and
dissemination Pakistan’s tangible and intangible cultural heritage,”
she said.