Voluntary Repatriation Centers to remain close on Eid-ul-Fitr: UNHCR


ISLAMABAD, June 23 (APP): United Nations High Commissioner for
Refugees (UNHCR) has informed to all Proof of Registration (PoR) cards
holders that Voluntary Repatriation Centers (VRCs) in Chamkani, Peshawar and Baleli, Quetta will be closed from June 26 to June 28.
These card-holders are planning to return to Afghanistan from
Pakistan under the Voluntary Repatriation Programme.
Both Voluntary Repatriation Centers will resume operations on
June 29 and the encashment centers in Afghanistan will be closed
from Sunday June 25 to 27, and will resume operations on June 28,
2017, according to a press release on Friday.
Registered Afghan refugees in Pakistan who wish to proceed
through the Voluntary Repatriation Centers must contact the
following UNHCR helpline numbers, which are operational between
8am to 8pm, before approaching the centers.
The helpline numbers in Pakistan are given below:
Islamabad helpline: 0300-501-8568
Peshawar helpline: 0300-858-5600
Quetta helpline: 0333-781-9601
Karachi helpline: 0342-270-4888
Returnees already in Afghanistan during these days can contact
the respective Encashment Centers on the following numbers.
Kabul Encashment Centers: 0093 (0)791 990 244
Samarkhel, Nangarhar province: 093 (0) 791 990 201 or 0093 (0) 791 990 340
Jamal Mayna, Kandahar province: 0093 (0) 791 990 369, 0093 (0) 791 990
In case of need, returnees can reach UNHCR Kabul repatriation unit
through 0093 (0) 791 990 019.