VC removed on recommendations of Senate of Urdu University: Senate told

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ISLAMABAD, Nov 6 (APP): Minister for Federal Education and Professional Training Muhammad Baligh ur Rehman on Monday apprised the Senate that the Senate of Federal Urdu University again recommended removal of Dr Zafar Iqbal as vice chancellor of the varsity.
In ministerial response to the points raised by Barrister Murtaza Wahab about vacant post of the VC, Federal Urdu University Karachi, he said Dr Zafar Iqbal was facing allegations of malpractices and illegal appointment in the university.
The President of Pakistan as Chancellor of the University appointed Justice Haziqul Khari to probe into the allegations.
Dr Zafar Iqbal was removed as VC of the University in light of the report presented by Justice Haziqul Khari on August 12, 2015. Â Â
He said a case into alleged illegal appointments and malpractices was also being probed against the VC by National Accountability Bureau (NAB).
However, the minister said the Islamabad High Court set aside the decision and directed the University Senate to give him an opportunity of personal hearing.
He said the University Senate fixed Oct 5, 2017 for personal hearing. However, one day before the due date, the University Senate was informed that the VC suffered heart attack and he could not attend the meeting. Later, the University Senate fixed Oct 19 for personal hearing. However, he (Dr Zafar) did not turn up for personal hearing, the minister said.
He said Dr Zafar Iqbal has been given two chances to appear before the University Senate for personal hearing in light of the court compliance.
The minister said Dr Zafar Iqbal also appeared before the Standing Committee of National Assembly on Oct 18 and made objectionable remarks against member of the committee.
Responding to point raised by Saud Majeed about drying up of River Sutlej, the minister said a proposal was under progress to set up different small reservoirs aimed at water charging the areas. PC-1 of the proposal has also been prepared and discussion was also underway with World Bank in this regard.
He said under Indus Water Basin Treaty three running rivers including Sutlej were given to India.
He conceded that River Sutlej was not recharged due to shortage of water. He said water was being supplying to the area through 9 linked canals under the Indus Water Treaty.
He said federal government through Indus Rivers System Authority (IRSA) provided water to the provinces and it was their responsibility to distribute it in their respective areas.