ISLAMABAD, May 16 (APP): The Government of Uzbekistan recognized with appreciation the services and sacrifices of Pakistan as frontline state in war on terror which was a common enemy of the world in general and the countries of the region in particular, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Pakistan, Furqat Sidiqov said here Tuesday.
He was speaking at the Round table discussion to mark the “25 years of brotherly Uzbekistan-Pakistan ties”. National Food Security and Research, Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan was the chief guest. National Security Advisor, Nasser Khan Janjua and former interior minister Rehman Malik also attended the event.
The ambassador highlighted the shared history and common cultural, social and religious heritage of the two countries besides counting the special brotherly relations between the two states. He maintained that now the time had come when the two sides were focusing on economic relations and inviting the businessmen of the two countries to invest and avail the existing opportunities for the bilateral benefits.
He said Uzbekistan had cordial relations with all its neighbours and these should be used to enhance bilateral trade. He called upon the countries of the region to jointly find out the solution of problems that were hindering the peace process and economic revival with special focus on trade and investment.
He said his country had been sharing the information on the
terrorism which was a common enemy and should be fought collectively as it was a major hindrance in the development and progress of the countries of the region.
He said his country fully supported Pakistan and was willing to resolve the issue of Afghanistan, which he added was another obstacle in maintaining peace in the region.
National Food Security and Research, Sikandar Hayat Khan Bosan counting the bilateral visits of the top political leadership and different delegations from the two sides, said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had rightly pointed out that the existing bilateral trade was not reflective of the potential between the two brotherly countries. He said the bilateral trade had gone up from US$20 million to 36 million dollars but still there was much room for improvement.
He also pointed out the potential imports and technical support of Uzbekistan in the agricultural sector. Pakistan can import tractors, cotton picking machinery which can help improve the agri yield.
Nasser Janjua said the two countries had common forefathers and they were one from inside. He said during the last 25 years, the world had evolved from two powers to uni-polar model. Though Soviet invasion was disasterous for many countries but it seemed a divine arrangement for the independence of the Central Asian Republics, he said.
“You are behind us and we are at the front, at much strategic position for all those countries in the region which was landlocked. We have to support each other and take benefit from each other to change the fate of our people, he asserted. The divine management of all this evolving world is with us, he said adding that it put us together and now we should work jointly to find out solutions to our problems and move ahead.”
He said we had been investing in the war or we had been made to invest in war and now we should invest in peace and in a peaceful future.
Former Interior Minister Rehman Msalik appreciating the Government of Pakistan and China for China Pakistan Economic Corridor termed it a game changer for the people of the region. He said during the previous government regime, it was decided that the Central Asian Republics would be connected through CPEC and their inclusion in the linkage was important. However, he said it should be done through a narrow area of Afghanistan between Pakistan and CARs.
He said the problems of Uzbekistan and Pakistan were same and they were facing the same sort of terrorists with different names but same roots. We need to eliminate them and invest in peace and development.