Use of brutal force cannot stifle Kashmiris’ urge for freedom: PM

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ISLAMABAD, April 16 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Sunday said the use of brute Indian military might against innocent people of Occupied Kashmir who refused to participate in the recent sham state elections, cannot suppress their human urge for freedom.
Kashmir (IoK) is a paradise inhabited by citizens who have been consistently deprived of their right to decide about their fate, he added.
“There is hope for the people of Kashmir in this moment of immense distress and grief that their march towards freedom is unstoppable,” a statement issued by the PM office media wing quoted the Prime Minister as saying.
About international community’s role, the prime minister said it has to stop these atrocities by Indian military machinery through preventive diplomacy and must allow the Kashmir dispute to be resolved through a just and sustainable settlement.