NEW YORK, May 27 (APP): US Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton has said a State Department report critical of her use of a private email server was not “going to affect either the campaign or my presidency.”

The report by the State Department inspector general said Mrs. Clinton clearly violated federal government policy when she instructed aides to set up a private email server for use in her home, rather than use a government-issued one.

The inspector general’s report said there was no evidence Clinton ever sought permission to set up the email server and that, if she had, she would have been denied.

Clinton, speaking on CNN and other TV networks on Thursday, was asked about the report and downplayed its relevance.”Well, there may be reports that come out, but
nothing has changed,” Clinton said. “It’s the same story.”

She repeatedly insisted her actions were no different than that of her predecessors, and claimed that she would not allow the issue to dog her election campaign.

Clinton’s likely general election opponent, Republican Donald Trump, called the report “devastating.”

Trump was asked during a press conference in North Dakota on Thursday for his response to the report and his prior comments, when he said he thought the email investigation might force Clinton out of the race.

Trump stopped short of calling on Clinton to quit, but said the email investigation will be a major issue in the campaign.
“Actually, I sort of like her in the race, I want to run against it,” Trump said.

“Probably illegal, certainly bad judgment. It’s devastating. There’s no reason for it, skirting on the edge all the time.”

Trump said he would wait for the result of the FBI’s investigation into the issue.

Clinton said in the interviews the resulting fallout from her email scandal has actually brought a higher level of transparency to her time as secretary of state than any
other candidate in the race.

“I have turned over all of my emails. No one else can say that,” Clinton said. “I have been incredibly open about doing that. I will continue to be open, and it’s not an issue that
is going to affect either the campaign or my presidency.”