US lawmakers assures strong commitment to strengthen Pak-US relations


WASHINGTON, May 23 (APP): A Congressional Group during a meeting with
Pakistan’s ambassador to the United States Aizaz Chaudhry expressed its strong commitment to work to strengthen ties between the two countries, acknowledging sacrifices rendered by Pakistan in the fight against terrorism.
The group included Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Congressman Al
Green and Congressman Bato O’Rourke along with the select community members met the ambassador during his visit to Houston.
Extending warm welcome to the ambassador, who assumed his ambassadorial
responsibilities this year, Congressman Al Green assured his strong commitment to strengthen Pak-US bilateral relations by supporting the Pakistani caucus in the House of Representatives.
Green, who is serving 7th term in the US House of Representatives, also
appreciated the role being played by the Pakistani community to the greater American society.
Speaking on the occasion, Congressman Bato O’Rourke thanked the
Pakistan Government and its people for their enormous sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee expressed her desire to work with the
Ambassador Chaudhry & the Pakistani American community to coordinate visit of Congressional Delegation to Pakistan.
Congresswoman Sheila is serving 11th term and greatly appreciated
Ambassador Aizaz Chaudhry’s continued hard work & dedication to the US and people of Pakistan.
Speaking on the occasion, Ambassador Chaudhary apprised the Congress the
role Pakistan has been playing as the front line state in the war against terrorism and the staggering cost it has paid in terms of loss of precious lives.
The ambassador informed the representatives of the successes of
Pakistan’s security forces in defeating the forces of extremism and intolerance in FATA and tribal areas.
He said the government was committed to root out this menace.
He also informed the Congressional group about the significant
improvement in security and economic situation that was helping create new economic opportunities and attracting foreign investors from all over the world.
On the occasion, Ambassador Chaudhry also underscored the important role
being played by the Pakistani Americans who are acting as a bridge between the two countries.
Ambassador Chaudhry was honored by Congressman Al Green by a Certificate
of Special Congressional Recognition on his first official visit to Houston.
Congresswoman Sheila Jackson also presented a Certificate of Special
Congressional Recognition to the Ambassador and appreciated Ambassador’s efforts to promote relations between the people of the US and Pakistan.
Meanwhile, Ambassador Chaduhary also addressed visited New Jersey at the
weekend where he addressed a large gathering of Pakistani American community at an event organized by Pakistan-American Council of USA (PACUSA).
The event was also attended by local State Senators, Assemblymen and
women and the Mayor.
In their remarks, State Senators Sam Thompson (Republican), Senator Ray
Lezniak (Democrat), and Assembly Woman Nancy Pinkin appreciated the role of Pakistani Diaspora in promoting harmony among communities and contributing to the development of the United States.
Ambassador Chaudhry briefed the audience about the rapid pace with which
Pakistan was defeating the forces of terrorism and achieving great strides in the economic prosperity.
Earlier, the ambassador participated in a separate interactive session
with a select gathering of Pakistani community notables. The meetings were useful in building close relationship with the diaspora.