US lawmaker vows to defend Muslims’ rights

NEW YORK, Dec 23 (APP): A newly elected U.S. lawmaker has assured
American-Muslims that he would defend their rights and interests if they were targeted under the Trump presidency.

Speaking at a large gathering of U.S. citizens of Pakistani origin held
at the Pakistan consulate in New York, Democratic Congressman-elect Tom Suozzi acknowledged that it was a challenging time for Muslims in the United States in view of some of the rhetoric coming from President-elect Donald Trump and his associates, but said he and his like-minded colleagues would vigorously oppose any attempt to discriminate against them. “I will do my best to protect your interests,” he added.

Trump has long called for a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United  States and has expressed openness to a registry of Muslims already in the country.

Congressman Suozzi underscored the need for preserving America’s values  in today’s world buffeted by wars, terrorism and climate change. America stood for hard work, perseverance, never giving up and allowing everyone the chance to achieve their financial dreams, he said, pointing out that globalization was more real today than ever before.

Suozzi profusely thanked Pakistan Consul General Raja Ali Ejaz, the host  of the evening, for organizing the event and paid tributes to the Pakistani community for their hard work and the contribution they were making for the progress of this country.

Consul-General Ejaz congratulated Congressman Suozzi on his election
from a New York electoral district in the November 8 elections and said he looked forward to working with him.

He hope that Pakistan-US relations would continue to grow under the
Trump administration.

Dr. Ijaz Ahmad, one of the Congressman’s constituents, also
congratulated him and thanked him for his support to the Pakistani community. He assured him of their continued support.

Ijaz Ahmed pointed out that Pakistan, the country of his birth, was
itself a victim of terrorism and was doing everything possible to eliminate this menace.