US Deputy Spokesperson’s remarks misplaced, self-contradictory: FO

US urge Pakistan, Afghanistan to cooperate in fighting terrorism

ISLAMABAD, Aug 7 (APP): The Foreign Office Sunday termed as ‘misplaced’ and ‘self-contradictory’ the critical remarks by US Deputy Spokesperson that Pakistan was selective in targeting terrorists and did not go after those threatening its neighbours.

“We have taken a serious note of the remarks made by the US Dy Spokesperson, which are self-contradictory and oblivious of the fact that Pakistan has taken concrete measures to counter terrorism in a phase-wise manner keeping in view Pakistan’s national security concerns,” the Foreign Office spokesperson said in a statement.

Refreshing the US Dy. Spokesperson’s memory with some of the ground realities and his observations, the FO spokesperson said during their recent visit, Senator John McCain and other senators and congressmen were unanimous in acknowledging the remarkable achievements made by Pakistan in its counter-terrorism drive.

They visited Miramshah and observed the situation on ground for themselves. Senator McCain, on his return, also wrote an article on his experience in Pakistan, he added.

He reiterated that terrorism was more of a concern to Pakistan than its ‘neighbour’.

The arrest of the ‘neighbour’s’ active service officer, who publicly confessed his state’s involvement in perpetrating and financing terrorist and subversive activities in Pakistan, surprisingly did not prompt any statement by the US.
“I also wish to remind the US Dy Spokesperson of the statement by Mr Chuck Hagel in February 2013 that Pakistan’s ‘neighbour’ uses the soil of another ‘neighbour’ of Pakistan to finance instability in Pakistan,” the spokesperson said.

Gen McChrystal’s 2009 Report had also mentioned the neighbour’s activities from the territory of another of Pakistan’s neighbours, and that they could be detrimental to stability in Pakistan and the region.

The factors behind spread of terrorism in Pakistan and the colossal losses inflicted on Pakistan in terms of loss of over 60,000 innocent lives and billions of dollars loss to the economy are obvious now.

“Given these ground realities together with the inhuman treatment meted out by the ‘neighbour’s’ forces to the defenceless and innocent people struggling for their right to self-determination, the remarks of the Dy Spokesperson are misplaced and are not sensitive to Pakistan’s security concerns,” the FO spokesperson remarked.