US ambassador meets Pakistani women entrepreneurs

Ambassador Hale inaugurates Rs 24 mln reconstructed Counter Terrorism Department Building

ISLAMABAD, March 31 (APP): American Ambassador David Hale
met over 60 Pakistani women entrepreneurs, corporate
executives, and capacity-building organizations here at the
US Embassy for a Supply Chain Diversity Expo hosted by the
US-Pakistan Women’s Council and WECREATE/Pakistan.
Ambassador Hale congratulated the entrepreneurs on
starting businesses and urged them to continue to inspire
others with their creativity and determination, a press
release issued by the US Embassy here on Friday said.
The US Ambassador also recognized WECREATE/Pakistan and
USPWC Corporate Member Companies, including Proctor and
Gamble, TRG, Engro, PepsiCo, General Electric, Citibank and
The Coca-Cola Company for providing women-owned businesses the
opportunity to market their products and services to industry
“The U.S.-Pakistan Women’s Council is a model of
assistance that mobilizes female talent, builds international
economic ties, and promotes economic growth and social
stability, all of which benefit both Pakistan and America,”
Ambassador Hale said.
Procter & Gamble and PepsiCo briefed the entrepreneurs
on their procurement processes and offered to help interested
female suppliers connect with relevant procurement teams in
their companies.
During this session, Procter & Gamble’s Communication
Manager, Claudia Manuel, said “When Pakistani women succeed,
we all win.” USPWC intends to facilitate continuing
connections through its networking platform and working with
TRG to host a second supply chain diversity event in Karachi
later this year.
Women entrepreneurs attending the event had received
training at WECREATE/Pakistan, and the Lahore University of
Management Sciences (LUMS) through the U.S. Embassy-supported
Pakistan Women Entrepreneur Program (PWEP) managed in
partnership with American University.
Participants from the World Bank’s WomenX
entrepreneurship training program, conducted with Enclude at
Government College University, also took part in the event.
The Expo is the second in a series of events planned
under the USPWC supply chain diversity initiative, which aims
to help women-owned businesses access sustainable markets by
linking them with corporate procurement representatives.
The first of these events occurred in April 2016 at
Packages Limited in Lahore.