Up to 11.2 million bales of cotton production expected this season

ISLAMABAD, Oct 1 (APP): Production of up to 11.2 millions bales of cotton was expected this season as compared to 10 million bales produced in the previous year.

According to a top official in the Ministry of Textile Industry, the selling price of cotton seeds from Rs 3,000 to 3,200 per 40-KG encouraged farmers to cultivate cotton crops on more land and enhance the cotton production in this season,

Talking to APP here, he said the experts and scientists helped train more than 8,000 farmers to overcome losses of cotton crops and evolved measures against the virus which harmed the cotton crops in the past.

In this year, farmers were likely to get good prices for the cotton crop as the increased cotton prices in international market would benefit farmers as compared to previous years when they suffered huge financial losses.

He, however, said the government had set 14.1 million bales of cotton for this year which had to be revised as some of the growers in cotton producing areas opted to cultivate sugarcane crop.